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Come Spend Almost 3 Full Days with
Jim Cockrum, Brett Bartlett, Brett's team and Special Guests

At Our


Focusing on 2 Key Areas:

1. Advanced Amazon Keyword Strategies (aka “Golden Gaps” or ‘PPI’)
2. Advanced Facebook Traffic Generation Strategies

It’s all going down in Southern California

On February 16-18, 2017!

Brett started with nothing just four years ago and now sells a healthy 8 figures online with multiple income streams.

As arguably one of the most successful Proven Amazon Course students ever, we can all learn a great deal from his incredible success.

Brett has constructed a training center at his office in Orange County, California
so that's where we're hosting our PPI workshop – but space is limited!

Here are a few of more than 100 people on Brett's team. One of their private label items sold 18,000 units
at an average price of $150 each in December alone. We can't wait tell you how they did it!

At this workshop you can expect to:

  • Learn brand new business and marketing strategies that have never been revealed elsewhere
  • Receive hands-on experience through multiple action-oriented workshops
  • Enjoy one-on-one personalized interactions with experts
  • Spend plenty of time for discussing YOUR business because of the small group size (under 100)

Pack a few Hawaiian shirts, your favorite khaki shorts and a pair of flip flops so you’ll fit in with the Southern California crowd and hang out with us for a relaxing but intimate and interactive educational weekend that is sure to impact your business.

Here’s Another Reason to Join us...

Besides all you are going to learn from Brett and his crew, there are going to be other VIP guests who will ensure we have some pretty awesome networking time!

Nathan Bailey, director of Jim Cockrum Coaching, has vast experience and in-depth knowledge of online selling. He has the heart of a teacher and is enthusiastic about helping others build their business.

When Mike Brown, owner of Death Wish Coffee, heard about this event, he decided he couldn’t miss it. So you'll get to spend some time with Mike.

KJ Robinson is one of Jim’s clients who recently sold 24,000 units in one single day. He is also going to share his story!

I’m so excited about what Brett and his team are doing that I’m taking my professional photographer son, Trey, to Brett’s event to learn more about his systems first-hand!

What You’ll Learn At
Brett’s Action-oriented Workshop:

  • How to build your own online audience with strategies that have never been taught before
  • New strategies for building raving fans that love your brand, store, or product
  • How to choose and validate potential products before you start selling them online
  • How Brett’s team operates for maximum company growth
  • Pertinent topics from Jim's expert coaches in mastermind sessions
  • Various components of expanding your online business

Who Should Attend?

If you’ve dabbled with online business but aren’t satisfied with the results you’re getting or are ready to expand, consider joining us at Brett’s office and warehouse.

Attendees must be 18 years old.

If you want to bring the family, DisneyLand and the Pacific Ocean are just 20 minutes down the road so if you’d like to combine business with a short vacation, plan to come a day early or stay a day later.

Look At Brett's Recent Facebook Marketing Results.

Brett and my team are doing this over and over again in multiple niche categories with multiple products and we'll show you how.

We'll also be rolling out our done-for-you service
because we've discovered a formula
that will work for virtually any product.

Date is

Thursday - Saturday,
February 16-18, 2017

  • Check in at 8 AM on Thursday.
  • Sessions will start on Thursday at 9 AM Pacific Time, break for lunch at noon, and end at 5:30 PM on Thursday and Friday.
  • Workshops for General Admission attendees will end at noon on Saturday.
  • You’ll be sharing an amazing educational weekend experience with a total of 100 guests (connect with them ahead of time in the attendees-only Facebook group).
  • Two of the hotels we recommend serve breakfast and have a free shuttle to Brett’s office.
  • Lunch is on your own, but gourmet vendors surround the parking lot offering a variety of suitable options.
  • With your purchase of a VIP ticket, you will be invited to attend dinner Thursday night at one of Brett’s favorite restaurants right on the Pacific Ocean along with the entire team!
  • Dinner Friday night is on your own.


Where Is this Amazing Workshop being Held?
It’s all taking place at Brett’s office and warehouse in Yorba Linda, California. We’ll send you the information as soon as you register.

Will this workshop be recorded or live-streamed?
It will not be live-streamed, but will be recorded for those who attend the live event.

What can I expect to pay for a hotel?
There are multiple price-points available at various hotels in the area. They range from just over $100/per night and up. We have an arrangement at several nearby hotels with free shuttles to the event each day.

What is the refund policy?
Due to the nature and timing of this event, we cannot give any refunds. If you cannot make the event, we will apply your payment to another future event for 100% credit.

There Are Two Ticket Options

1. General Registration

$1,299 per person


  • Almost 3 full amazing days of intensive, actionable information on how to grow your business
  • Access to the attendees-only Facebook group

2. VIP Registration – limited to 30 people

$1,699 per person


  • All of the above PLUS...
  • Dinner at the beach on Thursday night with Brett, Jim, and their team members & guest experts
  • Front of room seating during group sessions
  • Early registration on Wednesday night from 8:00 PM to 9:30 PM Pacific Time
  • BONUS: After you get home from the event and had time to process what you've learned, a member of Brett's team will conduct a one-on-one two hour coaching session via Skype or phone to help you apply what you learned to your business.

Wow – this one sold out FAST!
We'll do this again asap – get on the notification list
if you want early notice of our next event!

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